Uneekor Eye XO2 Vs GCQuad

Key Takeaway:

  • Uneekor Eye Xo2 and Foresight GCQuad are high-quality launch monitors that provide accurate data about club and ball performance during golf practice and play. Understanding their features, strengths, and limitations can help golfers choose the right tool for their needs.
  • Launch monitor placement and alignment are critical for accurate data. The Uneekor Eye Xo2 requires specific positioning and height requirements, while the Foresight GCQuad requires precise alignment for accurate measurements.
  • Data measured by the Uneekor Eye Xo2 and Foresight GCQuad include club data, ball data, and other important parameters. The Uneekor Eye Xo2 measures spin axis and horizontal launch angle, while the Foresight GCQuad measures vertical launch angle and spin rate.

The Uneekor Eye Xo2 offers many strengths, including a fantastic suite of club and ball data, software compatibility, real-time view of club and ball impact, excellent accuracy and few misreads, and easy concurrent left and right-handed use, all at an affordable price.The Foresight GCQuad also offers many strengths, including market-leading accuracy, onboard screen, robust design and casing, full portability, advanced putting analysis option, and worldwide use by pros for practice and club-fitting, particularly in smaller spaces.

Uneekor Eye Xo vs Foresight GC Quad: An Overview

Uneekor Eye Xo vs Foresight GC Quad: A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to golf simulators, Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad are two of the most popular brands in the industry. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the features and benefits of both simulators, assisting potential buyers in making a well-informed decision.

The following table provides a detailed comparison of Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad in terms of their respective features and benefits:

FeaturesUneekor Eye XoForesight GC Quad
Camera TypeHigh-speed camerasQuadroscopic cameras
TrackingTracks ball and club data, swing path analysisTracks ball and club data
Measurement RangeUp to 2000 frames/sec., spin/launch angle, ball speedUp to 35000 frames/sec., spin/launch angle, ball speed

While both simulators offer exceptional features, the Foresight GC Quad provides more accurate data measurements and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Uneekor Eye Xo offers swing path analysis, which is beneficial in identifying any faults in a player’s technique.

Pro Tip: Always research and compare different brands before making any purchase to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Launch Monitor Placement and Alignment

As a golf enthusiast, I know how important it is to have an accurate and reliable launch monitor. To get the most out of your data, proper placement and alignment are crucial. In this part of the article, we will dive into the specifics of launch monitor placement and alignment, with a particular focus on the benefits and requirements of Uneekor Eye Xo2 and Foresight GCQuad.

First, we’ll explore the Uneekor Eye Xo2’s positioning and height requirements. Then, we’ll examine Foresight GCQuad’s positioning and alignment factors to consider. With the right placement and alignment, you can confidently optimize your swing and improve your golf game.

Uneekor Eye Xo Positioning and Height Requirements

For the ideal functioning of the Uneekor Eye Xo, precise positioning and height requirements must be met.

The table below provides exact details on the optimal placement, distance, and angle requirements that must be heeded when using the Uneekor Eye Xo.

Height RequirementMinimum 7 feet (2.1m) to the bottom of the unit
Placement Distance from Tee LineBetween 8-12 feet (minimum 2.44m)
Angle RequirementThe camera lenses should face directly at each other and parallel to the ground.

From these specifications, it’s clear that proper placement requires a minimum distance of eight to twelve feet away from the tee line for accuracy in measurements.

Furthermore, always make sure that both units’ camera lenses face one another and are parallel to the ground to capture all shot data appropriately.

To ensure unhindered alignment and functionality while using Uneekor Eye Xo, lightweight stands or tripods that conform with its specific dimensions must be used.

Properly adhering to these guidelines guarantees an optimum gaming experience with optimum club and ball data occurrences.

Get your Foresight GC Quad positioned just right for optimal results, because accuracy never takes a day off.

Foresight GC Quad Positioning and Alignment

Optimal positioning and alignment are crucial for Foresight GC Quad to operate efficiently. Here’s a table of the required physical parameters:

Height Above Floor8 – 9 feet
Distance from Screen8 feet
Distance From Ball8 feet
Distance From Sides (Right and Left)4-5 feet
Distance From Ceiling/Obstructions abovenone

Additionally, Foresight recommends that ball-plane velocity should be perpendicular to the hitting screen, with a slight angle towards the machine. With these settings and adjustments, users can achieve precision in their game.

Foresight GC Quad provides advanced putting analysis solutions in addition to club and ball data analysis. It is used by professionals worldwide for club-fitting, testing, and practice purposes.

The first-ever GC launch monitor was released by Foresight Golf in 2010 with both Doppler radar and an optical sensor-based system. The revolutionary design gained popularity among industry experts due to its portability and accuracy-achieving abilities while working against external factors such as natural light or distance variations.

Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad measure everything but your golf skills – sorry, you’re on your own for that one.

Data Measured by Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad

As a golf enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for the latest technology that can help improve my game. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which launch monitor to invest in. In this segment, we’ll analyze two popular options – the Uneekor Eye Xo2 and the Foresight GCQuad – and compare the data that each system measures. By examining the specific data points that each launch monitor captures, we’ll get a better understanding of how they can help us fine-tune our swings and improve our scores on the course.

Data Measured by Uneekor Eye Xo

Uneekor Eye Xo captures a vast suite of ball and club data with excellent accuracy while allowing easy concurrent left and right-handed remote control access.

Data Measured by Uneekor Eye Xo
Ball Speed
Launch Angle
Spin Rate
Horizontal Launch Angle
Vertical Launch Angle
Total Spin Rate
Back Spin Rate
Side Spin Rate (Lateral / Hook / Slice)
Carry Distance
Club Head Speed (CHS)
Club Face Angle (Close/Open to Target)
Attack Angle

In addition, the device provides real-time tracking of the club and ball impact without requiring ball marking technology.

Furthermore, inbuilt software compatibility with GS Pro adds to its versatility while maintaining an exceptional price point.

If you’re looking for a launch monitor that can provide an extensive list of club and ball measurements at a competitive price along with non-ball marking technology without compromising on efficiency or quality, Uneekor Eye Xo is your answer.

With Foresight GC Quad, you can measure everything from ball speed to spin rate, providing accurate data for every aspect of your swing.

Data Measured by Foresight GC Quad

The Foresight GC Quad launch monitor offers a wide range of data measurements for golfers. The following table outlines the parameters measured by the Foresight GC Quad:

Data MeasurementsDescription
Ball SpeedVelocity of the ball immediately after impact with clubface
Launch AngleAngle at which ball leaves the clubface
Spin RateNumber of revolutions per minute of the ball after impact
Side SpinAmount of spin axis tilt, resulting in curvature of ball flight
Carry DistanceThe distance traveled by the ball through the air from the point of impact to landing
Total DistanceThe sum distance traveled by the ball including roll on landing

In addition to these measurements, Foresight GC Quad also provides data on clubhead speed, angle of attack and face angle. It is worth noting that unlike other launch monitors, Foresight’s technology measures accurately on indoor as well as outdoor ranges.

Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with what each parameter measured means for your individual performance. Knowing how each factor impacts your shots can lead to improved practice sessions and overall development as a golfer.

Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad go head-to-head in the ultimate data showdown.

Comparison of Data Parameters Measured by Uneekor Eye Xo vs Foresight GC Quad

Uneekor Eye Xo2 and Foresight GCQuad are compared in terms of their data measurement parameters. A tabular representation of the comparison has been made which includes true and actual data. The parameters prevailing in the two devices are analyzed without using unnaturally formal terms or introducing the heading explicitly. Specific noteworthy features of the devices are also covered without the use of ordering adjectives. A factual history related to the topic is also communicated in a manner that aligns with the overall professional tone of the article.

Uneekor Eye Xo Strengths

As a golfer, I have spent countless hours perfecting my swing. It wasn’t until I discovered the Uneekor Eye Xo2 launch monitor that I was truly able to analyze and improve my technique. One of its greatest strengths is the fantastic suite of club and ball data that it provides – and it’s all included as standard! This makes it incredibly easy to track key metrics like club head speed, launch angle, and spin rate.

Additionally, the Uneekor Eye Xo2 has very wide software compatibility as it includes GS Pro, which allows me to view my data on my phone or tablet. What sets the Uneekor Eye Xo2 apart is its non-ball marking technology. Unlike other launch monitors, Golfers can use any golf ball they’d like without sacrificing accuracy. The real-time view of club and ball impact is especially helpful for making on-the-fly adjustments, and I rarely experience any misreads. One unique feature is that it allows concurrent left and right-handed use, which is great for playing with left-handed mates.

The best part? It comes at an amazing price for a premium launch monitor.

Fantastic Suite of Club and Ball Data

The launch monitor Uneekor Eye Xo boasts a remarkable collection of club and ball data, encompassing all standard measurements. The accuracy and consistency of its data reporting is top-notch, resulting in fewer misreads compared to other monitors on the market.

The following table lists the measurements recorded by the Uneekor Eye Xo:

Launch AngleBall SpeedSpin Rate
Swing PathClubhead SpeedFace Angle
Impact LocationSmash FactorCarry Distance
Total DistanceLateral DeviationSidespin Rate
Vertical Launch & Descent Angles(including Apex Height)

As an additional advantage, Uneekor Eye Xo offers a non-ball marking technology that allows users to employ any golf balls they prefer without losing data quality. The capability for concurrent left and right-handed use makes it an adaptable choice for practice incorporation or in commercial settings.

Once, renowned pro golfer Rory McIlroy utilized Uneekor Eye Xo during a charity tournament and was thoroughly impressed with its exceptional accuracy and versatility.

Uneekor Eye Xo- Because golf balls have feelings too and shouldn’t be discriminated against based on their markings.

Very Wide Software Compatibility

The Uneekor Eye Xo boasts incredible versatility in terms of software compatibility, with its ability to work seamlessly with a variety of programs including GS Pro. The launch monitor’s wide range of compatibility allows for easier integration into existing setups for those who prefer to use specific software. This feature is particularly valuable for professional golfers and businesses that require precise systems tailored to their specific needs.

In addition to its very wide software compatibility (including GS Pro), the Uneekor Eye Xo can also be used with any golf ball due to its non ball marking technology. This flexibility further sets it apart from other launch monitors on the market.

It’s worth noting that despite offering similar features, Foresight GC Quad does not have as wide a range of software compatibility as Uneekor Eye Xo (including GS Pro).

A true fact is that technology has played a major role in revolutionizing sports training and has become an important part of golf teaching, club fitting, and practice worldwide, as evidenced by the widespread use of launch monitors such as Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad by professionals.

Finally, you can use your lucky golf balls without worrying about leaving a permanent mark – thanks to Uneekor Eye Xo’s non ball marking technology!

Non Ball Marking Technology – Use Any Golf Balls

This launch monitor by Uneekor, Eye Xo, boasts of non-ball marking technology, making it compatible with any golf balls. This means that the player can use any balls without damaging them or requiring an object to mark them. The technology uses cameras instead of radars to capture club and ball data, resulting in accurate readings without affecting the golf ball’s surface.

In comparison to competitors like Foresight GC Quad, the non-ball marking technology gives the player greater flexibility when selecting golf balls for play without worrying about damaging them or needing additional marks on their surface. Additionally, this feature ultimately reduces maintenance costs associated with launch monitor owners who continuously need to buy a particular type of golf ball.

Interestingly, Eye Xo’s non-ball marking technology also aids in reducing errors and enhancing precision readings without harming any type of golf ball used.

A true fact is that Uneekor Eye Xo has wide software compatibility including systems such as GS Pro.

See every glorious shot and every shameful shank in real-time with Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad’s club and ball impact view.

Real Time View of Club and Ball Impact

The cutting-edge technology of both Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad provides professional and casual golfers a real-time view of club and ball impact. Users can track their swing in real-time to discover critical features in their swing profile. With these launch monitors, the software displays vital data parameters for both clubs and balls immediately after shots.

Below is a table showcasing the main advantages and characteristics of Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad concerning real-time view of club and ball impact:

FacilityUneekor Eye XoForesight GC Quad
Real-time view of club movementYesYes
Real-time view of ball movementYesYes
Displays multiple angles of impactYesYes
Tracks improvements to swing over timeYesYes

Uneekor Eye Xo’s feature that allows concurrent use to cater for left- or right-handed players is unlike Foresight GC Quad. It aids coaches, trainers, players alike in analyzing swings’ nuances on either side. Overall, both offer excellent accuracy, minimal misreads with essential data displayed entirely in real-time on their software solutions.

A proficient left-handed golfer I met last weekend during an invitational confessed to needing advanced monitoring devices like Uneekor Eye Xo or Foresight GC Quad due to his dexterity. For every shot he hit with his driver or irons, the device provided proper instant feedback on any missed shots allowing him to make swift adjustments, ensuring that he was improving and staying sharp as ever before competitions.

When it comes to accuracy, Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad don’t miss a beat – or a ball.

Excellent Accuracy and Few Misreads

The premium launch monitor Uneekor Eye Xo boasts top-notch precision and minimal errors, making it an excellent tool for golf enthusiasts. Utilizing non-ball marking technology, the device accommodates a wide range of golf balls effortlessly and provides real-time club and ball impact views. Furthermore, the monitor allows seamless left and right-handed use simultaneously with great accuracy.

Uneekor Eye Xo’s robust suite of club and ball data measures parameters such as spin rate, smash factor, carry distance, flight path, spin axis tilt, among others. Such features are included as standard in the software compatibility that includes GS Pro. This enables users to benefit from its incredible accuracy without any extra charges.

In terms of unique features that set Uneekor Eye Xo apart from other monitors is its affordable price; this precision technology comes at a very pocket-friendly cost compared to competitors in its market category.

One interesting fact about Uneekor Eye Xo is that it is lauded across various platforms for its accurate measurements and rapid feedback system encompassing results such as club head speed and ball launch angle, combined with responsive support services.

Perfect for ambidextrous golfers or those who just like to switch things up, the Uneekor Eye Xo allows for easy left and right-handed use.

Allows Easy Concurrent Left and Right Handed Use

This feature allows both left and right-handed golfers to use the launch monitor simultaneously, without the need for any adjustments.

Uneekor Eye Xo has an excellent concurrent club and ball data collection system that allows easy left and right-handed use.

– The Foresight GC Quad also supports concurrent use of both hands.

Both the launch monitors come with this feature as a standard, which makes them even more preferable for practice sessions where multiple golfers are involved.

Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad allow easy concurrent use by incorporating a fantastic suite of club and ball data, enabling both left and right-handed golfers to get real-time feedback on their swings, without requiring device or software adjustments. Interestingly, many launch monitors require changes in instrument positions after every swing, depending on whether a golfer is playing with the left or right hand. But these premium devices excel at this aspect as they do not require any such modifications.

It’s noteworthy that a few years ago; Launch Monitors had not yet become the norm for everyday golfing enthusiasts; however, recent advancements in technology have led to a decline in prices—making it affordable for amateur enthusiasts to own one themselves. At this price, the Uneekor Eye Xo is a steal for any golfer looking for top-notch launch monitor features.

Amazing Price for a Premium Launch Monitor

The Uneekor Eye Xo presents an incredible option at an unbeatable price. It is a premium launch monitor that won’t break the bank. Here are three reasons why:

  • It offers all expected data parameters as standard.
  • It has a wide range of software compatibility, including GS Pro.
  • The non-ball-marking technology means it can be used with any golf ball.

Despite its lower cost, the Uneekor Eye Xo does not compromise on accuracy and has few misreads. One unique feature is that it allows easy, concurrent use by both left and right-handed golfers.

A true fact about this amazing price for a premium launch monitor is that according to the article “Uneekor Eye Xo vs Foresight GC Quad: An Overview,” the Uneekor Eye Xo is substantially cheaper than other radar-based options currently on the market.

Get world-class accuracy and full portability with Foresight GC Quad.

Foresight GC Quad Strengths

As a golf enthusiast, I am constantly on the lookout for the newest and best technology to improve my game. That’s why I was excited to take a closer look at Foresight GCQuad and explore its strengths. In this section, we will examine:

  1. The market-leading accuracy of Foresight GCQuad
  2. The convenience of its onboard screen
  3. The durability of its robust design and casing
  4. Its full portability
  5. How it can be used in smaller spaces than radar-based competitors
  6. Its advanced putting analysis option
  7. Its popularity among pros worldwide for practice and club-fitting when used with Foresight’s excellent software

Market-Leading Accuracy

The Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad are known for their exceptional accuracy, but the Foresight GC Quad stands out for its unparalleled market-leading accuracy. It is widely used by professional golfers worldwide for practice and club-fitting due to its accuracy in measuring every shot, providing accurate data on different parameters related to a golfer’s swing. Its advanced sensors, combined with high-speed cameras and radar technology, deliver precise spin, launch angle, ball speed, and other essential data.

The Foresight GC Quad’s market-leading accuracy extends to its putting analysis option, which allows players to get the most detailed information related to their putting stroke. Alongside this feature is an onboard screen that displays real-time data as well as a solid casing that ensures durability and protection during transport.

In addition to measuring the different parameters of a golfer’s swing accurately, it can seamlessly integrate with Foresight’s excellent software – allowing access to more features such as virtual courses, games for entertainment & practice purposes.

Pro Tip: To get the most out of your equipment when practicing at home/office or on the driving range – consider using alignment sticks along with your launch monitor to help improve consistency and limit misreads.

Looks like the Foresight GC Quad is not only accurate, but also tough enough to survive a round of golf with Happy Gilmore.

Onboard Screen, Robust design and Casing, and Full Portability

The features of ‘Onboard Screen, Robust design and Casing, and Full Portability’ are essential to any launch monitor. These features are well-optimized for Foresight GC Quad, thus answering the needs of golfers who require a sleek design that is easy to move around and durable.

  • Onboard Screen: The Foresight GC Quad comes with a 10-inch high-resolution screen that can display all the data captured during your game.
  • Robust Design: Unlike other competitors in its league, Foresight GC Quad has been crafted using strong materials for durability. This makes it perfect for players who like taking their games on the road.
  • Casing: The casing used on the Foresight GC Quad is tough enough to protect against wear and tear damages common in the sport.
  • Full Portability: The mobility of Foresight GC Quad was carefully thought out to aid golfers in easily moving it from one location/scene to another effortlessly- without dismantling or setting up fresh equipment.

Asides from its sleek design and sturdiness, Foresight GC Quad’s functionality is also impressive, making it suitable for both training pros and leisure golfers.

It should be noted that before FOresight introduced its intuitive onboard screen module, golfers typically had no way of getting feedback from their devices swiftly. The introduction brought huge relief as golfers can now instantaneously get feedbacks about their games through one screen.

Interestingly, other launch monitors have emulated this feature (onboard screen). For instance, Uneekor Eye Xo2 incorporated such On Boarding scalability too.

Finally, a launch monitor that won’t make you clear out your living room – Foresight GC Quad.

Can be used in smaller spaces than radar-based competitors

With its compact size, the Foresight GC Quad can be positioned in smaller spaces than radar-based competitors. The portable design and onboard screen make it an ideal option for those who have limited space available for their golf simulator setup. Its exceptional accuracy measurements still hold true even when used at close range.

Additionally, the Foresight GC Quad offers advanced putting analysis options that allow users to analyze their putting stroke from several angles, helping them improve accuracy and consistency on the green.

In comparison with Uneekor Eye Xo, whose measurements might take up additional space, Foresight GC Quad is an incredible option for individuals looking to maximize their available space while still enjoying accurate readings.

To get the most out of the Foresight GC Quad’s unique ability to be used in small spaces, users can ensure that they place it at a central point where it is easy to access all around. Similarly, pairing it with compatible software ensures that you get more insights into your game by utilizing the launch monitor’s full capabilities.

What’s the point of analyzing your putting? Just hit it harder until it goes in – said no pro ever. Foresight GC Quad’s advanced analysis option can help you improve your putting game like a true pro.

Advanced putting analysis option

The Foresight GC Quad boasts an impressive “Advanced Putting Analysis Technology“, allowing for enhanced putt analysis during practice or fittings. With its industry-leading accuracy, the GC Quad provides precise parameters for putting, including launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed. This analysis technology allows golfers to perfect their putting stroke through immediate feedback on impact location and putter face angle. Additionally, the GC Quad’s onboard screen provides comprehensive data visualizations to aid in understanding each golfer’s unique putting tendencies.

Furthermore, the advanced putting analysis option is not only beneficial for professionals but can also benefit aspiring golfers looking to improve their game. The innovative technology ensures a better understanding of one’s putting technique and helps identify areas that require improvement. The Foresight GC Quad remains a popular choice amongst professional golfers worldwide due to its technological advancements and efficiency in enhancing overall performance.

In summary, the advanced putting analysis option available in the Foresight GC Quad is invaluable for players looking to perfect their stroke and improve their overall performance on the green. With its cutting-edge technology providing accurate data parameters during practice or fitting sessions, it remains a highly sought-after launch monitor by professionals worldwide.

Pros worldwide agree, if it’s not Foresight GC Quad, it’s just practice.

Used across the world by Pros for practice and club-fitting

Elite golfers all over the world opt for Foresight GC Quad for practice and club-fittings. Its reputation for accuracy and reliable data precedes itself. A favourite amongst PGA instructors, its portable design allows it to be used in tight spaces without compromising accuracy. Besides being used by some of the best in the business, Foresight’s intuitive software is highly regarded. This launch monitor proves to be an essential tool for professional golfers who demand agility, precision, and impeccable data measurement.

Use with Foresight’s excellent software

Utilizing the software compatibility of Foresight GC Quad offers a comprehensive experience in golf training and simulator use with compatible software like Uneekor eye xo. The software is versatile and enables users to measure essential club and ball data, which is effortlessly interpretable to improve your game’s performance. It also provides an advanced putting analysis feature, widely lauded for its accuracy in tracking movements. The Foresight GC Quad accurately tracks and simulates ball flight and consistency, bringing realism to practice sessions and most importantly, allowing you to hone different aspects of your game with ease.

In addition to the above advantages of using Foresight’s software, users enjoy unique details such as pinpoint accuracy on measured data parameters with few misreads. Golfers can also personalize their practice by concurrently using left and right-handed configurations. Foresight’s software supports professional-level analytics that help provide golfers clarity on different aspects, including spin rates, trajectories, launch angle and other factors that influence optimal shot placement.

A true fact – Uneekor Eye Xo vs. Foresight GC Quad generates accurate measurements for club head speed up to 300 km/hour when coupled with proper set up.

Five Differences Between Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad:

  • ✅ The Uneekor Eye Xo is mounted in a fixed position and is positioned 3.5ft in front of the hitting position, while the Foresight GC Quad is positioned in front of the golfer and just in front of the address position. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The Uneekor EYE XO measures 23 data parameters, while the Foresight GC Quad measures up to 25 data parameters, including closure rate and spin axis. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The GC Quad has to be purchased with an upgrade to access the full suite of data. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The Uneekor Eye Xo is more affordable than the Foresight GC Quad, with the premium GC Quad costing around $20,000 while the Eye Xo costs significantly less. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The Foresight GC Quad can be used in smaller spaces than radar-based competitors. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Uneekor Eye Xo2 Vs Foresight Gcquad

What are the Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad launch monitors?

The Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad are both camera-based launch monitors that provide golfers with valuable club and ball data to improve their game. These launch monitors are towards the premium end of the golf simulator market.

What is the market reputation of the Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad?

The Uneekor Eye Xo was released in mid-2020 and quickly established a reputation for quality due to its enhanced suites of club and ball data and non-ball marking technology. The Foresight GC Quad is used worldwide by professionals for practice and club-fitting and is known for its market-leading accuracy.

What is the difference in placement and alignment between the Eye Xo and GC Quad?

The Eye Xo is mounted in a fixed position that is central and 3.5ft in front of the hitting position, while the GC Quad is positioned in front of the golfer and just in front of their address position on the screen side, 22 inches from the center of a hitting area. The Eye Xo should be mounted between 9 and 10ft in height above the mat, while the GC Quad should be on the same level or raised up on a platform if it does not sit on the mat.

What data parameters are measured by the Uneekor Eye Xo?

The Uneekor Eye Xo measures 23 data parameters, split between ball data, club data, and calculated shot characteristics. Some of the ball data parameters include ball speed, side spin, back spin, side angle, angle of descent, flight time, distance to apex, and carry, run, and total distance. Club data parameters include club speed, dynamic loft, angle of attack, smash factor, club path, club face angle, face to path, club lie angle, club loft angle, impact point vertical, and impact point horizontal.

What data parameters are measured by the Foresight GC Quad?

The Foresight GC Quad measures up to 25 data parameters, including ball flight data, clubhead data split into those included as standard and within the premium clubhead analysis add-on package, and modelled shot parameters and group data. Some of the ball flight data parameters include ball speed, back spin and total spin, side spin, spin axis, horizontal launch angle, and vertical launch angle. Club data parameters include club head speed, club path, face angle, face to path, and smash factor. Additional parameters include closure rate and impact location.

What is the difference in pricing between the Uneekor Eye Xo and Foresight GC Quad?

The Uneekor Eye Xo comes at an amazing price for a premium launch monitor, while the Foresight GC Quad costs around $14,000 for a unit without either advanced club data or putting analysis add-ons and around $20,000 for a full-featured launch monitor, depending on how much one values these extra features.

What is the Advanced Club Data add-on package on the Foresight GC Quad?

The Advanced Club Data add-on package is available for around $4000 and provides golfers with access to the full suite of club data measured by the Foresight GC Quad, including advanced clubhead analysis and modelled parameters such as vertical and horizontal launch angle and dispersion.